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Nov 19 2006

Slingshot Level 1

Slingshot Level 2

Nov 17 2006: Badges badges badges badges



Bloxxed !!!

Oct 25 2006: Badges continued



Combat (1)

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Oct 23 2006: Badges


Oct 22 2006: Site Backgrounds

I'm thinking of making a series of quick 800x1600 background paintings for the website, nothing too detailed but nice and robloxy scenes to go behind the text boxes. Like so:

Play online with others, or relax and work on your personal creations!

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Oct. 22 2006

Oct. 22 2006

Oct. 22 2006

Oct. 22 2006

Oct. 22 2006

Oct. 22 2006

Oct. 22 2006

Oct. 22 2006

Sept 27 2006: Roblox Ratings

One of the ways you can get that construction-brick feel is to put brightly-colored icons scattered everywhere. Regular community sites let members leave comments on other peoples profiles, images, etc.; the Roblox site should allow this too, but normal comments don't add any particular visual appeal. What if we also allowed players to award different badges to everything on the site - other players' profiles, their creations, their Places, even individual posts on the message board - all the players would then be inspired to do things to excite other players, in order to get more and more badges. For example:

For general coolness. Stars are the default badge of approval; give a star to a player or creation you think is cool, or to a message post you agree with.
For popularity. A player automatically gets a heart whenever another player lists him as a friend; Places get a heart for every hour another player spends in them.
For cleverness. If a model or puzzle is really ingenious, or if a message post is especially smart.

For building skill. Give this to a player who's a great builder, to a creation that shows awesome skill, or a message post about a really great creation or technique.

For uniqueness. If a creation is totally unique, or if a player is kind of a weirdo.

Lots of badges are possible, depending on what kinds of behaviors you want to encourage - and of course there would be special unique badges that could only be granted by admins or by special achievements etc. A player profile would show how many total badges of each type he's been awarded for his profile, creations, and message posts.

It's then easy to search by merit, sorting according to who has the most of a given badge - you might find amazing models by searching for the model with the most stars or bricks, or you might see who's been doing new and unusual things lately with a search for the player who'd gotten the most aliens in the last week. Players and creations with lots of badges would be more likely to get randomly featured on the Roblox homepage.

A very rough sketch of what an icon-heavy frontpage might look like: