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The Deadly Spaceman
"The Deadly Spaceman" - 2001
I've painted a Deadly Spaceman for every major edition of BrikWars since 1997, as a nod to the sole character illustration in the original Lego Wars: "Space Champion Argor Frant" by R. Todd Ogrin, 1995. This version was for BrikWars' 2001 edition. The Spaceman can be seen again taking center stage atop a pile of skulls in the "BrikWars!" painting for the 2005 edition.
The Nefarious Nega-Bloktrix
"The Nefarious Nega-Bloktrix" - 2005

The Spaceman's antithetical enemy is the Nefarious Nega-Bloktrix, a seductive rival from a competing toy manufacturer.

She was a quick digital painting I tossed off one afternoon after making a joke about putting lipstick on a Mega Blok. She later became the mascot for QuikWars, BrikWars' faster, simpler alternative.

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