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Cool People from School

Random Schoolmates
Tara McPherson
Rachell Sumpter
Sonya Palencia
Souther Salazar
Justin Krietemeyer
Jaime Zollars
Joanne Renaud
Yoko Tanaka
The Studio222 Crew
Jeff Nentrup
Jessica Lo
Eugenia Chen
Khang Le
Ben Huber
Mike Yamada
Mike Choi

These are all people I went to school with whose work I think is cool; I'm sure there's plenty of other folks I forgot, so don't feel insulted if your name's not up there.

Everyone helping me on the Knights' Kingdom stuff came out of the Studio222 crew. We had such good luck with Eugenia Chen, in fact, that we ended up hiring her straight into LEGO Concept Lab after the first couple of projects.


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