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The BrikWars Four Rums
"The Four Rums " - 2015
(screen-size version)
With the founding of the BrikWars Forums in 2007, the in-jokes started firing fast and furious, and the sudden ubiquity of digital photography and graphics software made everyone an artist. The rate of new ideas exploding into the BrikWars 2010 universe threatened to overwhelm the poor Kanon, and we generated a lot of new art in the process.

Screen-sized versions of many of these images are available on the BrikWars Downloads page on BrikWars.com.
Warhead's Heroes
Hospital 555 The Three Faces of Ossum
The Doughnut
Fedophile and the Red Pills Shiny Yellow Butts
A Human (Minifig Artist's Conception)
Sisters of Battle Zahru Troll-Arm
Ablogical Binding Substance The Cloan Brand
Romanes Eunt Domus
The Braggstein Boiler-Mech The Dungan Jaw-Jaw
PG-13 Welcome to Momville
Allied Nations vs Akkadia
The Quest of BFenix Yellow Supremacists
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