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The Dread Pirate Two-By-Two
"The Dread Pirate Two-By-Two" - 2005

Since the earliest version of BrikWars was posted as a simple ascii-graphics text file to the rec.toys.lego newsgroup at the end of 1995, the rulebook has made huge strides forward in polish and presentation over the years with each successive edition. The tenth-anniversary edition, BrikWars 2005, was the most art-intensive volume yet (until it was topped by the artwork of BrikWars 2010).

BrikWars 2005 (Cover) digital, 2005
The Skully Grail
"The Skully Grail" - digital, 2006
Esprit de Core
"Esprit de Core" - 2005
Esprit de Core
"Pilot Error" - 2006
Toy warfare!
The Grim Disassembler Critical Failure'd! One Inch All in Good Fun

Despite the endless hours I put into the full-color paintings, everyone's favorite illustrations, seemingly without exception, are the little black-and-white doodles I jot in for the less central sections. Go figure.

Hero card
Minifig card Officer card

After doing hundreds of trading cards for other companies, it seemed like a shame that I hadn't given BrikWars any at all. So the 2005 book got new stat cards as part of the support material.

A-Hunting We Will Go The Golden d10 Bad Moe Faux, Space Marine

Photoshop work accounts for a lot of the filler material, either retouched scans of older paintings, or digital photos processed and heavily modified.

Yes, I do wish I had a shop where I could forge my own BrikWars-themed d10s out of solid gold, but for the purposes of rulebook illustration, a paintover in Photoshop does the trick just as well. My hope is that nobody realizes just how many of of BrikWars' "photos" are really just Photoshop hacks.

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