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BrikThulhu Rising
"BrikThulhu Rising" - 2005

I've often tried to imagine what kinds of gods and religions would take root in a construction-brick universe, and BrikThulhu was too obvious to pass up - the octopus element seems tailor-made to replace a minifig's head.

BrikThulhu is the embodied avatar of the most malevolent forces of entropy and chaos. When you spend a year and a half building a brick model of Yggdrasil, and it mysteriously falls to the ground the night before the photo shoot and smashes into a million pieces, the sound you hear is BrikThulhu laughing. You'll recognize it because it sounds a lot like your own crying.

BrikThulhu's head has nine tentacles and three eyes, so it's not really an octopus - it's more properly referred to as a Novapus or a Ragnoroktopus.

The BrikThulhu Pyramid is composed of 09 rows of 37 bricks, 0937 being a holy number to BrikThulhu's cult.

Imagine my surprise after finishing this painting, when a friend sent me a copy of The Illuminatus! Trilogy, and around page 700 or so the ultimate power in the world turns out to be a one-eyed tentacled pyramid living in a subterranean sea. Here I was, thinking my background setting was all original.


Troika, Household of Three

The Fall of Brick Civilization

BrikThulhu Instructions
The BrikThulhu Instruction Portal
Brain Separator
the Brain Separator

The image embossed on the 37-eyed Seal of BrikThulhu is of the Brain Separator, the iconic tool of BrikThulhu cultists.

If you're into LEGO enough to find this joke funny, you have to accept the fact that you're a total fnerd.

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