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The Black Knight Skeleton
Skeleton Knight - 2006
One of the guys at work got pretty excited about the 2007 LEGO Castle sets, so he pulled up the website and wouldn't you know it, LEGO had put a bunch of my product sketches online. This was incredibly gratifying for me because it meant there was finally proof that not all of my castle work for LEGO resulted in rainbow jellybean knights.

I was trying to pitch an orcs-and-undead medieval-fantasy theme like this one since my very first week on the job, which is less impressive than it sounds, since I think every playtheme designer has been pitching this idea since their very first week on the job. The only question is why we didn't do it sooner.

These are a little different from other illustrations I've done for LEGO. These were intended to be useable by the product and licensing side of the company, so we stuck to flat color, limited palette, and vecotr graphics to make them reusable across the widest number of applications.
Castle Good Guys
Castle Good Guys - "The Good King," "The Princess," and "The Brave Knight"
The Lead General
"The General"
The Evil Skeletons
"The Evil Skeletons"
The Evil Wizard
"The Evil Wizard"
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