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Knights Kingdom 2005 Trading Cards
Knights Kingdom™ 2005 Trading Cards - 2004
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The 2005 trading cards don't have a crazy story like the 2004 cards did; we learned our lesson. For this batch we came prepared. Our team was a well-oiled machine by this point, the story was well-established, and we'd made sure over the course of development for 2005 that all our art assets were set up for easy re-purposing. This project went down smooth as butter.

Coloring support for this project was provided by Eugenia Chen and Katy Wu.

Card 79 Card 99 Card 86
Card 90: Sir Santis Card 99: Lord Vladek Card 86: Sir Jayko's New Armor
Card 106 Card 97 Card 102
Card 106: Siege Tower Card 97: King Mathias' New Sword and Shield Card 102: Elite Shadow Knights
Card 89 Card 107 Card 95
Card 89: Sir Danju's New Armor Card 107: Morcian Crossbow Card 95: Sir Rascus' New Armor
Card Promo Card 96 Card 87
Promo Card: The Kingdom of Morcia Card 96: King Mathias Card 87: Sir Danju
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